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Live Journal of Baron Armenius von Hugenstein
Ich bin König und Meister aller Goths! Ich esse Speck und Käse!

I don't remember if I already mentioned this here but the Kiddo and I are now living in Troy.  Actually, it's Brunswick but who really gives a shit?

Things are going fairly well with the Ex and Juniper is turning out to be one hell of a smart kid.  She loves jigsaw puzzles and her mother informed me that Juniper did a 60+ piece puzzle tonight with only a little help.  Pretty awesome I think.  Apart from puzzles, her big interests are fairies, babies, fairy babies, animals, animal babies and Disney movies.  I reckon I'm simplifying things a little but you probably get the point.  I'm up to my eyeballs in little girl stuff.

Surprisingly, my apartment looks fairly reasonable.

As my finances are starting to improve, I've been getting back into investing (very little mind you) and I have had the good fortune of doubling what little I've put in.  I'm saving in other ways again and it feels good to be in this position.  However, my life has taken on a distinctly frugal tinge.  I hardly eat out any more and I don't spend as much money on bullshit as I used to.  Not going out to the club certainly has helped.

The reduction in stress has benefited me in the creative realm.  My professional work is improving and I'm involved in one research project and about to start another one.  I'm still writing at www.TheMadSkeptic.com.  While I'm not posting all the time, I am working on 4 projects.  One is a video I shot at the recent Psychic Fair on the Empire State Plaza concourse.  I'm also doing a media analysis of the Drudge Report to determine if he utilizes Terror Management Theory concepts, a survey of daily conversations relative to whether they have woo-woo components, and a survey of the local drug stores to see if they sell homeopathic "remedies".

I'm also in the very early planning stages of writing a novel (I guess that's what you'd call it).  My hope to write something about a dystopian theocractic society.  I've got some plot or background elements roughed out.  Seeing how I don't know how to write fiction.  I'll be doing some research on that as well.

I may be getting out some time soon.  Unfortunately, I still have to work at Home Depot part time.  This winter will be my trial period for no financial input from Home Depot.  Part-time employees, basically, get furloughed.  I'll be stress-testing my budget to see if I can drop Home Depot entirely.  At any rate, I see some more free weekend in my near future.  I hope to be getting out more then.

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I'm still around although LiveJournal isn't my blogging platform any longer. People can read my stuff at http://www.themadskeptic.com or from my Twitter stream (go to the blog).
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Well, it may not be the first dinosaur post on LJ, but it is the first on the Mad Skeptic!

Check it out:  Dinosaurs and Our Feathered Friends

Also, I will be hosting the 121st Skeptics' Circle at the Mad Skeptic.  If you have any Skeptically related posts you would like to have included, let me know and send a link to your post to me at baron [dot] army [at] gmail [dot] com.  The deadline is 8pm tomorrow -- October 7th.

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Can You Adopt an Adult Cat?

There is a family who lives down the road from Katharine, the kids, and I. Due to a very serious health problem and financial problem, these folks have to move (actually, they are being evicted) to an apartment.

This family is not well-off.

One of the things which did bring joy to the woman who lives there were her cats. She has a lot of them -- and they're mostly outdoor cats. When they move, she can only take 4 (I think) with her.

If you personally can (or know someone who can) adopt an adult cat, please let me know and I'll pass along the information to Katharine -- who's organizing this. We're trying to get the cats good homes before they become feral or get put down. This isn't just for the cats but also the woman's piece of mind and, therefore, quality of life.

Here's the disclaimer:
Although the cats are extremely friendly, they are outside cats.  Some were also adopted strays and some have some unique genetic traits -- primarily extra toes and bob-tails.  ALL need trips to the vet for shots, spaying/neutering, etc.  We realize this might be a financial burden for many but if you can find a home for one of these cats it would be a very good thing.


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I've included a link in my journal for my share stories page of Google Reader. It's stuff that interests me and it might interest some of you folks. Check it out if you have some free time:

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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Current Music: Skeptics Guide to the Universe

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The Refiler.com website's been updated again. Nothing too dramatic. We've dropped the price and changed the layout a little.

Also, Dan and I have included the services we plan on rolling out in the near future.

Check out the website when you get the opportunity. Any feedback or ideas are welcomed:


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I'm pleased to announce Refiler.com is up and running! Give it a run when you have a chance:


We can currently take orders but the website is still bare-bones. I'll be getting the contact form taken care of shortly
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Been up to a lot. No real time to post about it all.

However, it looks like my friend Dan and I are going to be starting a business together. More on that later because everything isn't on-line yet. I will be working on a web page and all that fun stuff over the next week or so (as time allows).

We do have one service that is ready to go: portable media data recovery!

Here's the Craigslist ad: http://albany.en.craigslist.org/cps/773307316.html.

If you or you know anyone who needs lost files recovered, send us a line. I think I can even finagle (and rightly justify) a Live Journal friends' discount!
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Greetings from the new Chinthulu (my laptop). I recently dumped all my windows crap and installed Xunbuntu. So far, I'm pretty damn happy with it. If anyone is tired of Winblows and they want to get into an almost-equally useable OS, I recommend Ubuntu (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu):


Oh yeah, everything is FREE and OPEN SOURCE!
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